Adulting Scout Badges

“Adulting is hard.”

Being an adult is hard - but do you ever wonder if we make it harder than it could be. I find that some people try to make who’s adulting the most a competition. Maybe it’s our primal instincts that drive us?

I was in a professional development class today at work titled Time Management and Personal Productivity where the instructor mentioned that it’s like we almost try to earn honor badges for how much we work.

In my head, I was cracking up because it’s SO true. How many times have you been too busy?

Did you ever sit back and evaluate why you’re busy? Are you not saying no enough? Are you not delegating enough? Are you biting off more than one can chew to prove something?

If adulting was a competition and badges were the reward, here’s what I’d hand out:

Eats lunch at desk

First of all, (say that with your pointer finger up for full effect) GREAT! You do not have to eat lunch at your desk. There’s a legit law that says you get a break. If you’re salaried, yes this still applies. When my boyfriend and I first started dating, me told he went to the gym on his lunch break. Mind. blown. Granted, girls would have to wash/blow dry their hair if they did a true hard workout, but still! The world didn’t end while he played basketball or lifted. And, he came back to the office refreshed. What a novel idea to get some stress out in the middle of day. However, this prevents him from earning the “I eat lunch at my desk” badge. Sorry, love.

Works all day & night

When do you sleep? You are showing your colleagues and employer that you can function on little to no sleep. If you make that the standard, you’re teaching people to treat you that way. STOP! Take a night off and relax! Your brain will thank you for the downtime and your work won’t suffer due to typos or rushed effort to get things done. There’s a guy at our office who literally doesn’t give his cell phone out to people and doesn’t check email outside of work hours. KUDDOS. However, he doesn’t get a badge.

Eats in the car

This is an awful habit to start because food was meant to be enjoyed - not dropped in your lap. Someone once told me they eat salad in the car. Mad props. I don’t think I will ever be coordinated enough to eat a salad in the car. But, why not have a bar or a juice or something that doesn’t require a utensil? Or, could get you in a car accident. Great multitasking from a productivity standpoint. But, eating a meal is supposed to be an experience to enjoy and focus on, in my opinion. She get a badge. 4 for you Glenn Coco!

Hasn’t Taken PTO in a Year

Your employer wants you refreshed. PTO is yours for the taking. Don’t blow through all of your days at once right when there’s a giant proposal or deal or event - whatever. But USE IT! Take a staycation. Take a mental health day. Clean out your garage. I don’t know what adults do in their spare time, but do something! Unless you’re saving them up for a Euro trip, take a day off here and there to come back with a clean slate. The work will be there when you get back, promise! I had a coworker that worked at our company for so long that she had so much PTO that she was always forced to take days off because she was hitting her cap. While, she doesn’t get a badge, she gets brownie points because that is goals for all of us newbies to the adulting world. You’ll get there one day, too!

If you have four badges on your vest, it’s time to ask yourself, is adulting hard, or are you being too hard on yourself!