Camping at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains

We just got back from a wedding at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains.

It was an absolute blast and I am on cloud nine reflecting on the beautiful wedding and the opportunity to be there to watch two of our best friends exchange their handwritten vows.

Because we had a massive group thread going on in advance of what to pack / what to wear, I thought I’d share a few tips, and also recommend the heck out of this place—it took glamping to a whole new level. I’ve glamped before in Africa on a safari reservation, so I am no stranger to a night with a mosquito net and sleeping with the sound of critters under the stars.

We checked in and the staff escorted us to our treehouse tent in an ATV-type cart to help carry our luggage up the trail. We were very far away from the main tent and from the last leg of parking, so it would have been a literal hike to load it all up. Brandon and I’s tent was actually up a flight of stairs that went over the road, so it was very generous of them given it was almost 90 degrees out.

We actually packed a ton of snacks and quickly learned that they would be vetoed from making their way up into the tent (to prevent bears or snakes from breaking in). We left them in our car, so if you plan on going and want a midnight snack, just note that you’re going to have to leave your tent in the middle of the night to do so.

Also, the tents DO NOT have electricity, so leave all of your hair care tools, electronics and whatever at home. They do have battery-operated fans, and we were worried that despite them, it would be too hot at night that we would need to buy a portable one. But, we ended up being fine. Our tent got cold at night because it was actually up in the mountains. I wore a long sleeve shirt and pants, and I was comfortable temperature-wise.

They do have little USB plugs to charge their lanterns and your phone, but ours did not work. So, we roughed it without lights or our cell phones.

Speaking of phones, there is no service. We had the 1x going on the whole time, but couldn’t send or receive text messages, check the weather, use GPS, etc. Know that you will be off the grid, but fortunately, you’re only 10 minutes away from civilization.

But, other than that, the amenities are similar to what you’d find at a hotel. I want to go back when it’s colder out because they have a log-burning stove and I think it would be quaint to stay in the winter.

We were fortunate that we stayed in a Deluxe tent, so we had a massive king bed and a semi-private bathroom. They had really nice, organic shower products. The only downfall to taking a shower is they are the type where you have to pull down on a lever, so when you go to lather, rinse, repeat, you are standing without water for a few seconds, or you have to awkwardly use one hand. But, it’s warm water heated up by propane, so that was a pleasant surprise.

There are plenty of blankets, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own. Same with pillows - we had six. I was extremely impressed that they came and turned over the bed and cleaned up the place in the mornings.

My favorite part about this place is they are super dog-friendly. Everyone was overly accommodating to our Frenchie and he loved it.

They have food onsite in the main tent. We ordered burritos, bacon, scrambled eggs and potatoes - it was what you would spend if you went out to eat for breakfast. They have free coffee and it was decent. They also do boxed lunches that you can order the night before, but they are $20. We decided to go into town to get food of our own so we didn’t have cabin fever.

While the campsite was absolutely gorgeous, it was a very simplistic weekend and it really lended itself to bonding with your friends and loved ones. And you know me, I just absolutely love weddings, so I am biased.

Our friends threw an event that married their heritages: one being part redneck, part Korean, and the other part Serbian, part Colombian. The food, the drinks and the decor all had this interwoven. The attention to detail was unbelievable!

Here’s a few pics from the festivities:

It was absolutely stunning (because two stunning people planned it, of course).

If you’re debating on staying at Under Canvas for a little weekend getaway, or if you’re contemplating throwing your wedding there, it is a guaranteed memorable time!