Working Mom That Inspires Me

I decided I’m going to start interviewing people who inspire me to see what makes them happy and how they define success. 

My sister Katie is works three jobs and has a six-year-old and a six-month-old. do you function? 

Every day is a little different. Some days I am functioning well and not so much on others. I chalk it up to I made the decision to be a mother and I know many other families go through what I do who are middle class. This is what prompted me to have a side hustle so I would have more cash so I could feel less guilty about doing fun things when I/we had downtime.

Is this what you envisioned motherhood looking like when you were younger? 

Absolutely not! Nothing could have prepared me for motherhood. I often say motherhood is the best and hardest job in the world. I had no idea how challenging (and wonderful) motherhood would be. I didn’t realize how sleep deprived I could be. But I also didn’t realize how much love I could have for another person - that take a bullet for you kinda love.

What advice do you have for other moms struggling to make it work or that have mommy guilt? 

This sounds counter intuitive, but get a side hustle and one that you enjoy. I absolutely love mine! I enjoy it - it gave me new friendships, more money (which means money to do things with kids and travel more) and it gave me a sense of hope for getting out of the paycheck-to-paycheck life.

Do you have mommy guilt? How do you cope? 

Absolutely! I don’t cope with it well everyday. Balancing work and motherhood is hard. Times have definitely changed In the last 50 years with women going to work. I am not trying to make a political statement - just that family dynamics have changed. The economy has changed. It is hard to do it off one income these days with kids. So I don’t know the majority have the option not to work. 

I cope with mommy guilt by reading Rachel Hollis books and reminding myself that it is okay for me to have an identity and goals. And, I make sure I spend time with each child each day, and then as best I can try to have some “me time.” It usually involves a hot 15 minutes bath almost every night. I used to run and that helped. I am breastfeeding now so I’m choosing not to currently run as it’s less of a priority, but as my infant grows I will resume running.

How do you find me time and what’s your go-to for self-care? 

Hot baths and running. Also traveling periodically throughout the year. As I grow in my side hustle, I plan to travel more. 

What keeps you up at night? 

Did I forget to do everything - pay bills, pack lunch, respond to work emails, will there be a school shooting. I think lots of people worry about the world and the pins and needles everyone seems to be walking on.

What makes you sleep easy? 

Taking the hot bath 

What are your three biggest goals for 2019?

Earn a Cadillac from my side hustle company, go on a family trip and decide where to live for time being. 

Thanks, Kath!