Marketing Resume Template

I have a lot of people asking me how I made my resume and if I can share the template. The answer is absolutely. Drop your email in the comments below and I will send you the InDesign file.

I started with a free resource I found online and modified it to fit my needs. If you’re also interested, I built a portfolio to match that I’m happy to send the template as well - it essentially takes all of this to the next level with supporting photography, graphics and documents in addition to recommendations I’ve received over the years from colleagues my senior.

I’d like to stress the importance of the use of the word template because I truly believe you should redo your resume for every job that you apply for, and you should use the layout as a guide, but swap out the content to highlight what is applicable to the job you’re applying for. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it will pay off.

Here’s what mine looks like:


Long gone are the days where hiring managers are reading every word on your resume. Recruiters are now scanning through keywords that align with the job posting, so if you work in marketing, you’re going to need to craft your content based off of the track you’re on whether it is creative, advertising, digital, whatever (Granted, it should also look pretty, but that’s if it ever makes it to pile).

The easiest way to keep track of your accomplishments is to debrief on a monthly basis.

I learned this in a professional development course at work, and it is my saving grace. Around the first of the month, every month, I keep a Word document of all of the projects I’ve completed, feedback I’ve received from leaders, KPIs, volunteering hours, classes taken, etc.

It honestly makes it so much more digestible to reflect on all you have accomplished and it is a good habit to start because if you’re going to be doing monthly operating reviews for work, might as well do one for yourself.

Because I wanted to keep my resume to a page, I took out a lot of my accomplishments from my actual titles and created a most proud of section - a very high-level look at what I’ve completed this year.

Also, I used to have graphs in the skill section to show how proficient or much of a savant I was at some of the software and programs I use. Despite seeing these on a ton of resume templates, I received the feedback from multiple family members and peers that they didn’t understand just by looking at it. So, to alleviate confusion, I scratched that and just listed off items instead.

Your resume should be ever-evolving and even if you’re not searching for a job, it’s a best practice to continually update it because it will ignite the fire for self-improvement in your marketing career and highlight gaps of what you’re missing to take it to the next level.

I’d love to hear your feedback on what you think works well or what is missing!

Also, if you need help updating your resume, send it on over! I used to do this in college for fun and I love helping people realize how much of a rockstar you are - it’s sometimes hard to toot your own horn, so seek out advice from others to get a holistic view of all you’ve accomplished!