Marketing to Your Target Audience

It’s a lot easier to market to your target audience when you’re actually in your target audience. I’m sharing a success story from an OB/GYN marketing campaign that was our baby. Get it? Introducing… It’s a TriStar Baby!

It’s a TriStar Baby!

The Concept

For us, it was simple: Hospital reveals are the new gender reveals.

To me, the most exciting part about building a multi-channel marketing campaign is concepting and envisioning the creative. There’s nothing more fulfilling when you see it come to life and reflecting on the discussion where the light bulb went off! And, I’ll walk you through how we got there:

Be a Sleuth

You have to understand your end user through and through. Put yourself in their shoes.

  • What is it they care about?

  • What are their pain points?

  • How can you make your product or service about them and how it will enhance their life?

First-time expectant moms are documenting their entire pregnancy. They share everything from ultrasound photos to bump pictures to announcement postcards.

The pregnancy journey is nine months long. We thought let’s not have our ads directly jump into photos of a newborn and messaging about post-partum. You have to start at the beginning of the pregnancy journey because that’s when women are working with their OB to choose where to deliver their newborn.

Also, let’s reflect on all of the hard work moms put into bringing life into this world!

Switch it Up!

How can your message change for seasonality? Let’s also consider ad fatigue. And the consumer life cycle stage. There’s nothing more annoying when a brand is following you and you’re still in the brand awareness phase but you’re getting messages that imply you need to make a decision. Actually, I take that back. What’s more annoying is when the same advertisement follows you around every website you visit.

In this instance, we decided to change out the creative based off of what’s going on during the flighting schedule. It’s only fitting that during football season, you utilize a football jersey onesie. But if it’s spring, that message isn’t going to work. You have to adjust your messaging and you have to prevent ad fatigue.

Give them something fresh! Something new! And maybe it’s in a different channel the next time they’re served an ad instead of only focusing on paid search or only focusing on social. Sprinkle your budget across multiple platforms and catch their attention from all angles.

Where y’at?

Speaking of platforms - which ones are your target audience on? And, how does your message translate to that medium? For example, if you’re going to advertise on Instagram, you better have thought through how that imagery will look in portrait mode and how to get the message across without any text.


Coming up with visuals and content that spans across multiple avenues is very challenging. Because in that scenario, if you only planned to take pictures and film in landscape, you’re going to run into a problem in post production. That’s why…

Get a game plan.

It’s better to delay your ad schedule than to execute a plan with pitfalls. Buying yourself a little more extra time on the front end will pay off in the long haul. Get precise. Make a list of every single spec, dimension, shot and angle, outfit, accessory - whatever it is you want and approach your production team prepared. Plus, if you do it that way, you can knock out all of your photography and videography out in one day!

They will thank you for the attention to detail, but it is a good level set for expectations of the 1) workload and 2) quality of work you expect. When everyone is on the same page, you’re more efficient and balls don’t get dropped. It’s a win-win!

Gut Check

Throughout the process, ask for feedback from people with no ties to the project that are in your target audience.

Ask them to pick your ad apart. Listen to their constructive criticism and don’t just take it with a grain of salt. After all, they’re the ones that would use your product or service.

Did it Work?

I’m not exaggerating when I say we fleshed out the idea for months and were persistent with what we wanted because we knew it would resonate with our target audience.

If you have clear campaign goals, KPIs and benchmarks to surpass, it makes it much easier to know whether or not what your’e doing is successful.

Shortly after launching, our Instagram boomerang videos were the best performing social ads throughout the enterprise. I attribute that accomplishment to all of the hard work contributed by my teammates to ensure that the story, look and feel of what we were conveying was authentic and resonated with our target audience.

Now, Nashville mommas are aware of Team TriStar!