Moving to a City Where You Know No One

I decided I’m going to start interviewing people who inspire me to see what makes them happy and how they define success. 

I only knew Lilly for a brief period of time when she lived in Nashville, but she was extremely hospitable and I admire people who move across the country without knowing a soul because I know how hard it is. 

What gave you the courage to leave everything you knew in Nashville behind and move to Boston? 

Courage is a funny word. I’m not sure that I had the courage to leave, but I had the faith. I knew in my gut this is what I was supposed to do, and the fact that it scared the absolute crap out of me told me I was doing something right. Also, knowing I could always come home helped. I have the most amazing support system, and unconditional love never hurts.

What advice do you have for girls on the fence of making a major life move? 

Trust your gut. Always trust your gut. Deep down,  you know what to do - it’s just whether or not you believe in yourself and what you feel makes it enough to take the leap. There’s NOTHING wrong with being unhappy in your current situation, regardless if everyone tells you how happy you “should” be. If you’re not happy, make yourself happy. It’s that simple. 

What do you miss about Nashville? 

I miss home, family and friends. I see my loved ones spending time with each other and I’m not there - that hurts. But, I’m in such a good place mentally and emotionally that I’m okay. I’m making my own memories.

What do you not miss about Nashville? 

I don’t miss my bubble. In a city growing by hundreds of people a day, I still struggled to go anywhere without seeing someone I knew. It’s hard to move forward when the past is all around you. 

Talk about what that was like moving after you had just started a new relationship. How has your relationship strengthened since you both moved?

My boyfriend and I dated VERY casually for nine months, and I basicallly told him I had accepted a new job and I was leaving Nashville, so since he didn’t want to commit, we should part ways. For some crazy reason he decided that wasn’t what he wanted, and three months later moved to be with me in Boston. Neither of us have ever lived with a significant other, so that in and of itself was difficult, but we had both been single for awhile. We’re both independent, and trying this whole “partner in life” thing has been - and still is - a challenge. Crazy enough, I love him more everyday. I see sides of him I never thought I would, and his unselfish love for me brings me to tears. (I’m crying thinking about it). He is so supportive of my career and my dreams, and I would never have seen these things if we had stayed in Nashville and had a typical relationship.

How did you make new friends?

Making new friends is hard. I’m very fortunate to work for a company where everyone is a transplant and very close to my age, so it was easy to be friends with the people I work with. I haven’t made a whole lot of outside of work friends, but I’m taking barre classes and I’ve joined some groups that I think will help with that! Instagram really is a great way to connect with people!

You work full time and do multilevel marketing - how do you balance the two?

I’m not sure I’m great at the balancing act yet, but my biggest help has been my notebook. I keep everything in a notebook that goes everywhere with me and it helps me keep track of it all. I’m also working on creating content for the next day the night before and that’s been very helpful. Working on more of a schedule in the coming months will be crucial since things are picking up at my 9-5. 

What keeps you up at night? 

Remembering that other people’s opinions are none of my business (thank you Rachel Hollis) and asking myself if I’m doing enough are my two biggest stressors. MLM has such a negative connotation, but, it makes more female millionaires than any other business mode in today’s economy. Reminding myself that my hustle is my own, and it doesn’t matter if five people find my posts “annoying” or “desperate” because five more people appreciate them. My hustle also keeps me up. I’m constantly worrying if I’m working hard enough to plant seeds and progress. This is in every aspect of my life. When I was a teacher, there wasn’t really a ladder to climb - corporate America is very different. Focusing on creating solid footholds for the future is really on my mind right now. I refuse to settle for mediocre because that’s what others say is good enough for them.

What makes you rest easy? 

I rest easy knowing I have ideas. I’m a lot different than a lot of people I know, I have goals that I write down every day. I keep notes of personal development items I read and hear - most of my friends aren’t doing that. I fall asleep knowing I have a plan, or at least the framework of one. Oh, and my sleep sounds app and CBD oil. That’s where it’s at. 

What are three goals you have for 2019?

Three goals for 2019 are to run a sub- two hour half marathon, pay off ALL of my credit card debt and get promoted to Market Mentor with my side hustle. Everyday, I write down these three along with seven more. I write them as if they have already happened and I try to make strides daily to achieve them. Maybe they don’t all happen in the next six months, but at least I’ll be closer to achieving them than I was before.


The best thing about all of this is when I reached out to Lilly, she was so appreciative to respond because she said no one asks me these types of questions and I never get to talk about this stuff.

That made me sad - this is the type of stuff we should be talking about with one another! It also has inspired me even more to continue on with doing this because it’s important to get a pulse on where people are at - what they’re struggling with and where they’re experiencing success.

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