Paleo Restaurants Nashville

Going out to eat is one of my favorite things to do! I love the experience. If you have dietary restrictions, however, it can be super overwhelming and requires researching menus in advance.

I know I’ve googled Paleo restaurants in Nashville and couldn’t find much of anything. Because there isn’t really a restaurant dedicated - there’s just entrees that’ll work. It’s hard, too, because you don’t know what type of oils meals are cooked in. Here’s a few Paleo options in Nashville that I’ve discovered:


If you love pho, sub out the noodles for cabbage and you have yourself a Nashville Paleo staple. One of the Vui’s cashiers told me this little trick and it is a game changer.

Five Daughters Bakery

The Five Daughters Paleo donuts are out of this world and are great for dessert! Bonus is that they switch up the flavors every month, so you never know what you’re going to get. The sea salt chocolate and birthday cake are both top notch.

Butchertown Hall

With a name like Butchertown Hall, you know this meets the caveman requirements. I recommend the Texas Trinity with a side of Brussels sprouts!


The pork souvlaki is convienient and amazing! Very impressive for Greek street food. You can add on additional skewers for minimal cost. Five stars for Greko and a sixth star for delivering!

Saint Anejo

Mexican food is the bane of my existence because I used to get so full off of Margs and tortilla chips that I wouldn’t even touch my meal. Saint Anejo has an awesome tequila section if you still drink alcohol AND with your gauc, you can pay extra to have veggies instead of chips. It’s slices of carrots and cucumbers. You can sub out tortillas on the tacos for lettuce.

Fortunately, living in the South, a lot of menus are meat and three style! So you can get away with ordering meat and veggies. I highly recommend the dry age steak at Fifth & Taylor, or Kayne Prime. For brunch, hip up Milk & Honey for the big kid breakfast sans toast or Stay Golden for the coffee and order a la carte.

It’s tricky to give up wheat, dairy and sugar at first, but once you have the hang of it, it’s a breeze! Plus, it’s 2019 and dietary restrictions are pretty common these days. More times than not, the wait staff is familiar with the ingredients and subsititutions.

Happy brunching!

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