Paleo Grainless Granola - The Breakfast of Champions

If you're anything like me, I find an extreme amount of joy in baking and logistically figuring out how to have a week's worth of meals or snacks in the house.

Breakfast is arguably one of my favorite food genres - and I don't limit it to the mornings. I think it's the most important meal of the day, and that's why I eat it at ALL hours of the day.

Cereal is just amazing in general and when you're exhausted or on the go, it's so convenient.

I don't eat granola, hence, paleo, but even if you love a sweet bowl of cereal, this recipe is for you! However, if you have a nut allergy, this is NOT the recipe for you. This is crammed packed with protein from nuts.

Side note: I just googled nuts and found out that they were fruit. Who knew?

Paleo Grainless Granola

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 0 (my kind of recipe - although, you could bake these to make them crispy and if you do, comment below to let me know how it turns out)


Full disclaimer: I never follow exact measurements. Here are some general guidelines.

Shredded coconut (1 handful)

Almonds (2 handfuls)

Pecans (2 handfuls)

Walnuts (2 handfuls)

Pumpkin seeds (1 handful)

Honey (1 tablespoon)

CBD | MCT Oil (2 tablespoons)

Coconut oil (2 tablespoons)

Water (Just a drizzle to soften the nuts)

Cinnamon (A drizzle - that's a unit of measurement, right?)

Flax seeds (Again, drizzle as much as your little heart desires)


This recipe is a cake walk. Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl.

Then, use a food processor or chopper to grind it all up! I have a Ninja that my brother-in-law gave me for Christmas. It's small but mighty and a lifesaver when you're too lazy to chop up groceries.

It will be a little crumbly, but it's the oils that holds it together. You can either lay it out flat on a lined pan, or roll it into protein balls if you wanted to go rouge.

Then, refrigerate for it to set and you're all done, my friend!

I recommend putting it into a baggy for a perfect on-the-go Paleo snack, then when you're ready to make a bowl of cereal, you just have to pour it out with some almond milk.

Happy snacking!