Professional Development Courses You Need to Take

As a society, I think we’re obsessed with improving ourselves - and that’s totally okay. It’s hard to be content. It’s hard to settle and just say this is as good as I can be.

I know I’m guilty.

Books, webinars, e-newsletters, courses - you name it; I’ve done it!

One of my favorite series that has helped me most from a personal growth and professional development standpoint is VitalSmarts. I took three of the four courses and felt recharged and inspired after each one:

Attending these leadership training courses is just the beginning - your brain hurts from thinking of 5,000 different ways to apply the skills that you learned.

I would say Crucial Conversations was the most valuable to me because it laid the foundation and principles for the other two - if you can’t have difficult conversations without getting emotional, you can’t really hold people or yourself accountable and influence people to get things done.

The biggest takeaway I learned was that we tell ourselves stories based off of what we see, that most things aren’t facts, but rather your perception of what happened. This is where 99.9% of problems happen because we interpret the situation instead of taking it at face value. Then, we spend time in our head festering over what happened, when it might not have even been a big deal in the first place.

Also, you have to be able to differentiate between the instance, the pattern and the relationship concerns to determine if it’s the act, someone continuing to do something or the strain that it’s putting on your relationship that it is bothering you.

It just really helped me level set with what it is that causes me stress or puts a strain on interpersonal relationships. It also helped me learn to let a lot go and to not take things personal because most people have good intentions - they’re not out to get you. You’re just both interpreting the situation differently, so if you can have a crucial conversation and get past it, you will both be better off.

And don’t even get me started on Getting Things Done because I learned SO many valuable organization tips.

The first is clearing your mind.

Your mind is meant for having ideas, not for holding them!

Get ALL of those ideas or things that are keeping you from concentrating OUT of your mind and put them down somewhere else, like on your calendar or a to-do list, instead. Clear up that space to be creative!

Secondly, probably my favorite thing I learned was to make different lists, like a “Before I Walk in the Door” list where you jot down things that you want to bring up to your loved ones when you get home from work, like asking them how a big project went or following up on a school assignment. You read the list before you go home so you can touch base on items during dinner to ask how their day went.


I now have a list in my phone dedicated to people that are important to me in my life that includes things like work travel days, birthday present ideas, reminders to ask about big presentations. I even have a reoccurring calendar invite every month for Manny’s flea meds.

It sounds so elementary, but it makes the worlds difference if you’re scatter-brained.

I would 10/10 recommend for you to take this class. If your employer has money in the budget set aside for professional development, have a conversation with your supervisor about how these can make you a better employee. If there’s something in particular you’re struggling with, I’m happy to help and let you know what type of value this class could provide for you.

They also have live online versions if you can’t swing traveling for the course.

Sign up today and once you take one of the courses, let me know if you thought it was as life-changing as I did!

Happy learning!