Social Media State of the Union

I wanted to write this because I thought everyone may have had the same opinions as mine on social media, but man, I was mistaken, and that made me want to write this more.

For context, I grew up with Myspace when I was in middle school, Facebook and Twitter in high school, Instagram, Linkedin and Snapchat in college, and now that I’m an adult, I am starting to resent social media.

What’s odd is that I LOVE it from a marketing perspective. I do; I love how targeted you can get, I love that it interfaces with retargeting platforms, I love the reporting that LinkedIn and Facebook both offer.

But, from a personal standpoint, I am bored with it. I’ve thought about deleting it before, and then I feel like I’m being dramatic about how much it impacts my life. But if you think about it, everything we do revolves around social media. We post photos to show people what we’re doing, we use it for news, when we’re bored we scroll for hours and we use it to shop. It’s everywhere.

And from what I’ve found, at least in my bias pool of my followers, that you’re not over it. In fact, I would make the assumption that you enjoy it!

Here’s the social media state of the union, according to my followers.

Of the 300 or so views my stories received, those that answered a few questions didn’t answer others, and there were a few that answered all (so thank you). I did polling and free-form answers where approximately 50 participated. This is what I found.

69% can go a day without getting on Instagram.

I resonate with that 31% of you that can’t. That’s not to say I haven’t done it before (I went on a two-week hiatus this summer). But, I typically check it all throughout the day.

88% feel like they don’t have to post what they’re up to on their stories.

Maybe it’s only bloggers and influencers that are showing up on my feed. This is interesting because I have noticed lately that Instagram’s algorithm must be changing because I’m barely seeing content from my friends anymore. But, I am seeing what my favorite influencers are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and tons of brand posts… so you guys truly must not be posting that much in your stories.

When asked how many times a day you get on Instagram, the most popular answers were 3 or 8 times a day.

When asked what’s the longest you’ve gone without getting on Instagram, the longest duration answered was three months (you go girl!), the shortest answer was one day (also, equally as proud), and the average answer was one week.

84% of my followers feel bored while they’re scrolling.

To that 16 % that aren’t, I’d love to know what types of accounts you are following because there truly is some interesting stuff on Instagram. I typically following clothing stores, influencers that talk about skincare, clothes or recipes, french bulldog accounts (including my own dog’s Instagram account @mannyinnashville) and travel. Also, I follow some of my favorite sports teams and a few schools.

When asked how often you purchase from brands or influencer links, almost all of you said never!

This one really surprised me, because so many of my purchasing decisions are now coming from Instagram or Amazon prime. One of you said that you click to learn more, but you typically don’t purchase and another follower said that they’ll purchase something later that they saw on Instagram before.

8% said they get anxious when they’re on Instagram or if they haven’t been on in a while.

92% didn’t have an emotional effect of not getting on in a while, which is good that you aren’t tied to it.

I found this little study I conducted so interesting, and I hope that you do, too. It’s interesting to get a lay of the land as I keep reading about how my generation will likely completely disconnect from social media. However, from what it seems, my group of friends and followers isn’t going anywhere!

Where do you think the future of social media is heading?