10 Best Bathrooms in Nashville

I’m not even going to tee this one up - if you’re looking for the best selfie-worthy bathrooms in Nashville, look no further! Even if you don’t have to go, you’ll want to check these out. Here’s the Top 10 Bathrooms in Nashville: 

*Please note, I’m not sharing any photos that way you can go experience it for yourself. 

Numero Uno: Bourbon Steak

Pictures wouldn’t do this justice. We went here for Brandon’s 35th and it did not disappoint. Our friends had heard that the bathroom was breath-taking, so naturally, I had to check it out. As I’m walking back to the bathroom, I note that the men’s restroom is on an interior wall and the women’s looks like it’s on the edge of the building. I open the doors and low and behold, floor to ceiling windows jetting out over the skyscraper with a view of Nashville that is like no other. You open the stall and BAM, you are literally over the entire city. Then, I felt a brief moment of sorrow for the other gender that their bathroom doesn’t even get a window.

#2: Mockingbird

All I’m saying is toilet goals. I hope one day when I grow up, my toilet is half as cool as the toilet at Mockingbird.

#3: The Oak Bar at The Hermitage Hotel

This restroom is arguably one of the most famous restrooms ever and has received accolades that other bathrooms can’t even hold a candle to. And, it’s just the men’s restroom. Women are allowed in because is a historic landmine filled with tails of presidential deals and celebrity spottings. Come one, come all!

#4: Sinema

I personally have never been, but I’m envious of all of the #SinemaSelfies I see on Insta. The mirrors look like something a celebrity would sit in front of to have makeup applied. Rumor has it that Kacey Musgraves has taken pics here for album work, so you know it’s good.

#5 Clyde’s 

Good food. Good drinks. Good times…. good bathrooms. They’re unisex and each one is uniquely decorated with Rolling Stone magazine pages. For added flair, most have been covered with sharpie mustaches or their eyes have been ripped out. You’ll find yourself hanging out for a few while spotting your favorite celebs.

#6 Nashville Zoo

The men’s bathroom at the front entrance of the Nashville Zoo supposedly has wildlife in it. I’ve never witnessed first-hand, but the women’s are extremely nice for a zoo, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

#7: Frist Museum

This bathroom is gorgeous. Very underrated. The ceilings are incredibly high and the tile work feels fresh out of the roaring 20s. It has some post office vibes to it that I am not sure how to convey in words, but you’ll know when you experience it for yourself. It’s an architect’s delight!

The next three make the cut due to their awesome wallpaper selection.

#8: Liberty Common

The floral wallpaper in here will make you swoon. Plus, they use Mrs. Meyer’s soap, so the smell adds a nice touch. You feel like you’re in a garden.

#9 The Goat Germantown

The candle wall entrance leading up to the bathroom heightens your anticipation for one of the cutest wallpapers I’ve ever seen if you’re into dark florals.

Last, but not least: Pearl Diver

A tropical bathroom mirror selfie dream. The lighting in here is on point. Would recommend bringing your drink into the restroom while snapping a pic.

There you have it, folks! Any cool bathrooms in Nashville you’ve witnessed that I might have skipped? Let me know and I may add it to the running list.

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