What to Wear to a Sikh Wedding

We got invited to a Sikh ceremony in May and I was SO excited, but had no clue what to wear…

I wanted to dress for the occasion, but also wanted to be sensitive to the culture and not offend anyone. However, if you are not the religion, they are completely cool with you dressing up and I highly recommend you do it!

For me, there was less pressure because my boyfriend was a groomsman, so he told me he was going to be in a turban and ethnic footware. Plus, the venue was elegant, and I always love an excuse to dress up and get outside of my comfort zone!

* Cue the awwws *


We clean up nice!

Brandon ordered his outfit with the rest of the bridal party, so I was out on my own. Fortunately, one of our friends purchased an extra outfit - here is the link to where my lehenga and choli are from!

Saree.com has a ton of cute affordable options to choose from. However, keep all of the following in mind when choosing what to wear to an Indian wedding:

Be comfortable.

The ceremony is long so you’re going to want to wear something comfortable. Also, we immediately ate delicious naan afterwards, so I wouldn’t recommend something skin tight.

We had about a half-hour parade for the groom’s side to walk him in on a horse to the bride’s village. Wear comfortable shoes. I wore heels - rookie mistake!

Make friends with a seamstress.

Since my friend ordered it, I didn’t know what to expect. Ours didn’t come put together. Even though you provide the dimensions, it comes in three pieces. Make sure you have a seamstress lined up that has experience. Rookie mistake, this was smack dab in the middle of prom season. Fortunately, one of my good friend’s mom had made one before. She was even sweet enough to sew in cups for me and leave a little extra space so I could indulge in dessert.

It will fit weird in the wrong places - this is normal.

All of our friends were joking how our cholis were tight in the wrong spots. In particular, the arms. Order it far enough in advance so you have time to discuss with the person that will be altering your outfit! I also went sleeveless because it was going to be HOT so I could wrap my saree around my arms.

Don’t wear red or pink.

Do not wear red or pink - this is reserved for the bride.

Don’t wear white or black.

In the same vein, these are also cultural taboos.

Use your saree to cover your head.

Once you arrive, shoes come off and saree comes on (over your head)! I recommend bringing bobby pins with you to hold it in place. I had to keep pulling on mine during the ceremony.

YouTube is your friend.

It took me a few YouTube videos to figure out how to drape a saree. I used this video, but there are SO many styles to choose from and different ways you can wear it. I tucked mine into the lehenga in the back and used two bobby pines on my sides and shoulders to keep it in place.

If you have any questions about it or need help deciding what to wear, I say go for it and dress up! It made it that much more special and I will always remember the b.e.a.u.tiful ceremony!

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